Hospitals in Delhi NCR

Name Speciality Details
Aarogya Hospital AAROGYA HOSPITAL aims to provide whole spectrum of excellent care to each one with a human touch at an affordable price using the latest available medical knowledge & equipments without compromising the quality. Details
Aashlok Hospital AASHLOK Hospital is a multi specialty, acute care, private hospital equipped with modern facilities, specialized equipment, and a team of highly skilled and devoted medical professionals trained with the latest technological advancements. The hospital provides high quality care with a service focus in a professional & caring environment. Details
Action Cancer Hospital Action Cancer Hospital is a world-class affordable cancer treatment to all sections of the society with a humanitarian touch, whilst maintaining high standards of ethical practices and professional competency with emphasis on education and research. Details
Ahooja Eye & Dental Institute AEDI is an ophthalmic and dental care centre established almost 4 decades back. Dr. T.N. Ahooja the founder of AEDI has been in the forefront of providing affordable and high quality ophthalmic and dental care to residents of Gurgaon and nearby districts like Rewari, Faridabad, Jhajjar, Palwal, Mewat and adjoining of Rajsthan for last 40 yrs Details
Alchemist Hospital Ambulance Facility (5) Bed Capacity(150) Details
Anant Jyoti Eye Hospital Anant Jyoti Eye Hospital (earlier with the name of Jyoti Netrayalaya) is able to satisfy more than 10,000 patient in a year since from the beginning of the Hospital. AJ is always focused on the qualitative aspect of the eye health. AJ is well equipped to provide maximum eye care facilities under one roof to avoid patients’ inconvenience. In fact AJ was the first eye hospital to provide the complete eye care facilities in East Delhi, i.e. complete anterior and posterior segment eye care. Details
Apollo Clinic Apollo Clinics are multi - speciality clinics run by Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited (AHEL). AHLL is one of the largest players in the retail healthcare segment in India. Apollo Clinics was founded in 2002 with the aim “to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual.” To achieve this, Apollo Clinics run a a large network of Apollo Clinics with over 61 clinics, both owned and franchised in India and 2 clinics in the Middle East. As a part of the Apollo group's objective to expand its operations, a number of similar clinics are being set up overseas as well. Details
Apollo Spectra Hospitals - Details
Artemis Ambulance Facility (5) Bed Capacity (500) Details
Aryan Hospital Ambulance Facility (2) Bed Capacity (75) Details
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