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Jeevana Yoga- Classical School of Yoga Classical Hata Vinyasa, Surya Upasana, International Hata Yoga Teachers Training, Meditation- Spoken Sanskrit. Jeevana Yoga is about holistic living, taking into account every aspect of life, starting from breath and movement to deep spiritual awareness, complete fitness, and optimal use of our every sense, indeed, of every cell in our brain and body. Jeeva, the soul which resides in the body can control spirit with the help of Yoga. Pranadharana i.e., grounding the soul in the body with help of healthy process of respiration is called Jeevana. Details
NLiTN Holistic Wellness Center Yoga means union of body, mind and soul and realizing who we truly are. It is a practical science aiming at the realization of the ultimate self. Health is Wealth and so we are committed to provide authentic yoga training through which you are guaranteed to get better health & wellness. Our training is given by most experienced professional who are trained by internationally recognized institutes. Yoga session includes Pranayama, Asanas for regular, and trainer students. Details
a1000 yoga ‘a1000yoga’ – the name: The number 1000 is of archetypal importance in eastern sciences. The Sahasrara chakra, represented by a 1000 petal lotus, is the highest level of consciousness that any human form can attain in their life on earth. Yoga practices facilitate Actualization of this highest consciousness, in a systematic and safe manner. Details
A1000YOGA a1000yoga is an honest effort in bringing together the knowledge and practice of yoga for the sake of appreciation, transformation & propagation. The founders, saw the need for thorough professionalism in teaching yoga. Funds raised from passionate Angel Investors gave life to this idea, a1000yoga’s first Yoga Studio in Koramangala in June 2011. The operation of a1000yoga, a proprietary of Due North Yoga, is run by HYPA trust. Details
Absolut Fitness Absolut Fitness is one of the leading chains in Delhi and nearby regions. It has state of the fitness technology and environment maintained which is best suited to human body while working out. Details
Adam Eves Health Club Expertise of Adam Eves Health Club Gyms for Men & Women Also Deals with Facilities Diet Consultation Facilities Gym with Spa Facilities Gym with Yoga Facilities Indoor Cycling Facilities Personal Trainer Facilities Steam Bath Details
Addiction Gym & Spa Addiction India offers a chain of Heath Studios and Gymnasiums which help you to lose weight, build health and endurance, improving your overall health. These activities train the heart, lungs and the cardio vascular system to process and deliver oxygen more quickly and efficiently. Details
Adonis Gym We have experienced and professional Personal Trainers to help and motivate you! Want to add variety and more fun to your routine.our mission is to provide you with the ultimate fitness experience, one that focuses on your specific fitness needs, helps you achieve the results you are after and invigorates your soul. Details
Alive Fitness Academy "Expertise of Alive Fitness Academy Gyms for Men & Women Also Deals with Facilities Diet Consultation Facilities Gym with Spa Facilities Gym with Yoga Facilities Indoor Cycling Facilities Personal Trainer Facilities Steam Bath" Details
Alps Cosmetic Clinic Herbal Treatments, Imported Products, Lockers Available, Showers Available Details
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